Certified Professionals

This week kept me real busy. Part of which is a series of headshots for Certified A+ Technicians. For some of them, it was their first time getting professional headshots done. We were really pressed for time but I got 14 of them made within the hour. Congratulations to this new batch of IT professionals!

Next post will be about 360 photography.

Pictures by Rex Romero Cycle 5

Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Professional Headshot

I was asked to make some headshots for a few people this past Saturday. They are known to be very serious with their jobs and are respected for it. It's good to know I am trusted by such professionals here in New York to make their best photos.

rexromero headshots sample 1

Great professional photographs will keep you at the top of your clients' minds. Book me for your next headshot session and let's make your best image yet! - Rex 

rexromero headshots sample 2