Discovering Manitoga

I am delighted to present this tour of Dragon Rock inside Manitoga estate, which was once home to the acclaimed American industrial designer, Russell Wright. Move inside his studio and on to the main house, and get a feel of what it's like to live within one of New York's celebrated design icons and now a National Historic Landmark!

You can view this 360 Panoramic Tour in full screen by clicking on the Menu icon at the top right and selecting Fullscreen, or by simply clicking twice anywhere inside the panorama tour. Press the Escape key if you want to close the full screen view.

For more information about Manitoga and The Russell Wright Design Center, kindly check them out at

Credits: Vivian Linares (Director of Collections, Interpretation & Preservation) for the tour. Trudie Grace (Professor in Art History, FIT), and Samuel Albert (Professor in Art History, FIT) for taking me along with them in this project.

Certified Professionals

This week kept me real busy. Part of which is a series of headshots for Certified A+ Technicians. For some of them, it was their first time getting professional headshots done. We were really pressed for time but I got 14 of them made within the hour. Congratulations to this new batch of IT professionals!

Next post will be about 360 photography.

Pictures by Rex Romero Cycle 5

Working Towards The Future

Network Engineers keep the modern world go round. CISCO administration trainees got in front of my camera for their first series of headshots. I wanted to feature them in their laboratory with their switches and routers and cables.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Professional Headshot

I was asked to make some headshots for a few people this past Saturday. They are known to be very serious with their jobs and are respected for it. It's good to know I am trusted by such professionals here in New York to make their best photos.

rexromero headshots sample 1

Great professional photographs will keep you at the top of your clients' minds. Book me for your next headshot session and let's make your best image yet! - Rex 

rexromero headshots sample 2